Sales presentation coming up? Need help with basic business growth speaking? Giving a speech in a few weeks and haven't started yet? Have a webinar started (or even finished) and need to add the "wow" factor to it?  

This is for you!




I have sold over $2.2 worth of medical transcription services over the last 20 years. Not because it's sexy or interesting or even because we're the best fit for every hospital, but because I know how to speak well, build relationships through speaking and how to close the deal, using the right words, in the right order with the right delivery.  

You can do the same ... no matter what your product or service is, no matter which industry you're in, no matter if you are established or just starting out  

Having a strategic speaking plan in place is the secret sauce to having a successful business that experiences sustainable, controlled, continous growth. 

Customized for YOU!

  •  Two-hour on-boarding call 
  •  Weekly call - 90 minutes
  • All calls will be via Zoom and recorded for future reference
  •  Support via email and phone
  • Every aspect of your business speaking - only where needed - but could include your voice mail message, voice mail messages that you leave, sales presentations, phone sales calls, webinars. We will fill in the gaps together or ...
  • We will work on a speech for an event, conference or group from concept to performance. Whether you already have a speech and need help finishing it up, fine-tuning what to say and coaching on delivery or you have an idea and an amazing story but have not put together the speech yet, we'll get it done together!
  • Feedback, not criticism. The goal is to build on what you already have - natural talent, a story that needs to be told or the most amazing product in the world, not to tear anything down, be condescending or make you feel bad. 
  •  Bonus #1: The Right Way to Practice Your Presentation (Deliver with Confidence)
  •  Bonus #2: Personalized Checklist for Speaking
  • Bonus #3: Free registration in my "Crush Your Fear of Speaking" course, including all bonuses and online Facebook community.

30 Full Days With ME

My coaching fees are typically $7500 for 5 one-hour sessions over a 3-month period. For this special only, I am doing 30-day intensive coaching for $2500. You want to grow your business TODAY, right? You want results NOW, so 30 days is much better than 90 days when you are ready to rock!